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tv   Journal  PBS  August 23, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> live from dw studios here in berlin, this is the "journal." >> welcome to the show. our headlines this hour -- two huge explosions outside moscow. at least 42 are dead. >> weighing his words very carefully, u.s. president barack obama calls a possible chemical weapons attack in serious this week troublesome. >> in germany, consumers are shopping. the tax man is happy.
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>> well, in the ease of prayers, they were blasted into death. dozens of people in lebanon died friday when car bombs exploded outside to mosques. >> it happened in the northern city of tripoli and marks the biggest escalation of sectarian violence since the war began in serious two years ago. >> we will go live to beirut in just a moment, but first, our report on the blast, and many viewers may find the images disturbing. >> cctv footage shows sunnis praying in central tripoli moments before a car bomb explodes outside. people rush to escape falling debris. smoke billowed from the car which concealed the bomb. passersby tried to extinguish the flames and help the wounded.
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almost at the same time, a bomb exploded near tripoli's port about two kilometers away. authorities suspect the blast were coordinated terror attacks designed to deepen sectarian divisions in lebanon. dozens of people were killed and hundreds wounded. the city's hospital struggled to care or so many people being brought in at once. many were in critical condition. >> so far, none of the dead have been brought to us here. they have been taken to other hospitals. they are bringing the wounded to us. he have 121 did now, and the number is rising. >> sectarian violence has been researching in lebanon as a result of the civil war in neighboring syria. both shiite and sunni militants are crossing the border to fight on opposing sides. lebanese officials are calling for calm and vigilance. >> our reporter joins us now
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from beirut. what more can you tell us about these explosions. >> what we have right now is a casualty count that appears headed up as they shift through the ruins and treat what has to be at least 600 wounded people right now. we are hearing 65 confirmed dead. sources told me off the record that they very much expect that to rise, maybe as high as 100. >> do we have any idea who is behind these attacks and what the motivation was? >> it is easier to speak to the motivation than exactly who
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this is not what people would consider a conventional civil war like we saw in 1975. most people are sure that there will be a continuation of attacks. >> it is getting clearer by the day. thank you very much. but in southern lebanon, the israeli military has struck a palestinian base. the target was a camp used by ace pledger palestinian group allied with iran and has mullah. >> the retaliatory strike comes
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a day after four rockets were fired fromtoryeb towards israel. one was intercepted by the iron dome missile defense system, dropping fragments into a northern israeli town. the other three fell outside israeli territory. >> meanwhile, u.s. president barack obama has made it clear washington is in no rush to intervene in serious. >> that's right. on friday, he called the apparent gassing of hundreds of serious civilians troubling and a big event of grave concern, but he offered no sign that the u.s. military will move to stop the civil war war. >> on the ground, human inspectors have yet to investigate the attack. they blame the rebels for blocking the investigation. >> we have a report, and again, the images may disturb some viewers. >> revels in aleppo say they have seen enough. they accuse the al-assad regime of killing hundreds of civilians
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with poison gas. >> the international community does not care about the killings. president obama said using chemical weapons is a red line. this line has been crossed a thousand times over. >> u.s. president barack obama has been facing increasing pressure to act, but his latest statements to broadcaster cnn were cautious. the united states continues to be the one country that people expect can do more than just simply protect their borders, but that does not mean that we have to get involved with everything immediately. video footage of the chemical attack remains unverified. no one knows exactly what happened or who was responsible. the russian foreign ministry accuses the rebels of revocation. the british foreign minister blames the syrian government. >> i know some people in the world would like to say this is
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some kind of conspiracy by the opposition in syria. i think the chances of that are vanishingly small, so we do believe this is a chemical attack by the asad regime. >> the united nations secretary general is demanding that serious allow weapons and sectors immediate access to the site of the alleged attack. while deliberations continue at the un security council, opposition activists report assad post army -- assad's army is wasting no time in pushing further into rebel territory. >> for more on this, let's go to our washington correspondent. president obama very cautious with what he is saying about serious, but at the same time, he is leading the world know washington is not going to do anything right now -- he is letting the world know washington is not going to do anything right now. >> the u.s. has two major
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problems at the moment. the first is that under no circumstances to they want to get involved in another full- scale war like they did in iraq and afghanistan, so that is just not going to happen. the second is they are unsure who to throw their full weight behind in the syrian opposition because that just has so many faces, so they are very reluctant there. the one thing they can actually do is try to affect the military capabilities of assad's regime somehow, but from afar. that is why apparently the administration is discussing, for example, using cruise missiles, but nonetheless, there are still very powerful forces within the administration, and the last thing we heard, that included the highest-ranking military official of the united dates saying that getting involved would be a mistake. let me say this last thing -- any requirement -- and the president made that quite clear -- for american involvement would be to have some sort of international coalition,
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preferably with a human mandate, and it is just highly unlikely that this will happen at the moment. >> we are talking about with the pentagon is saying, what the white house is saying, even what the united nations is willing to do. what about the american people? are the numbers out letting us know what the american people want to do? >> the last official polls we had were from june, so they are not up-to-date, but they show that americans are not following the situation in serious very closely. it shows a pretty steady opposition to getting involved with syria, with one exception -- if you go weapons were used in serious, then there's more backing from the american people -- if chemical weapons were used in serious -- syria, then there's more backing from the american people. >> as always, max, thank you very much.
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the united nations says serious possible war has claimed the lives of more than 7000 children. >> about a million have fled the country and ended up in neighboring refugee camps. many without their parents or families. >> the children who have made it to this refugee camp in jordan have lost everything, but they are lucky to be alive. >> my brother has been killed, and my sister has a brain injury. we thought we could not bring her here at first, but in the end, we brought her and my brother in an ambulance. we buried my brother here. >> many children have become separated from their parents. outside the camps, they are easy prey for exploiters of child labor, traffickers, and sexual predators, and most of the children who arrive at the camps are traumatized by what they have seen.
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>> here we can sleep in peace. i do not have to worry about shelling, but sometimes, we have fireworks. we think we are being attacked pwe are imagining it because of the war we have been through. even if they are safe in the camp, they all have one wish. >> all i want is that peace returns to serious again -- peace returns to serious -- peace returns to syria again. i want it all back to normal, the way it was before. >> but with no sign of the conflict ending, children are likely to be living in refugee camps like this for some time to come. >> we turn now to egypt because the political turmoil there is affecting life in the hamas- ruled gaza strip.
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>> cairo has repeatedly accused hamas of meddling and supporting islamist militants. >> egyptian authorities closed down the gaza strip's only land passage that bypasses israel. >> that closure left hundreds of palestinians stranded on both sides. >> tunnels connecting egypt to gaza are back online. goods arrive on the palestinian side every five minutes. but the amount of goods coming through these tunnels has dropped hermetically since the egyptian military seized power. mohamed works the tunnels. he says he does not know what tomorrow will bring. >> that all depends on whether the supply line on the egyptian side is open. there are days where no cement or steel gets through. that will not change until the routes are reopened on the other side and the muslim brotherhood make a deal with the army and the interim government.
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>> in recent weeks, the egyptian army has destroyed dozens of these tunnels, cutting them off from the main source of supplies. prices for food and raw materials have risen. gaza depends on egypt, but there's no good will cairo at the moment. the ruling hamas movement openly backed morsi's government. the last thing it needs is to antagonize the cairo authorities . >> egypt is caught up in its own affairs, and that is a step back. we hope stability returns to egypt, and the bloodshed will stop, and that egyptians find the time again to help us palestinians. >> the official border crossing is open just a few hours a day, if at all. the current militant attacks in sinai leave it closed for days on end. despite holding a norwegian passport, mohammed is among the hundreds trapped at the border. he is on his way home after
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visiting his parents in gaza. now he is trapped here, and he is angry. >> i really feel like i'm stuck in a jail. it's got serious consequences for me. my boss is waiting for me to get that. my children are starting school in norway and i'm not there. how am i supposed to plan for the future? >> the situation in gaza is unbelievable. this would not be possible in any other country in the world. >> for the people of gaza, the future looks more uncertain with every passing day. >> the u.s. army officer who killed their teen fellow soldiers in a rampage on a military base has been found guilty of all charges. >> he has been convicted of 13 counts of premeditated murder among other charges in connection with a 2009 shooting at fort hood, texas. hassan reportedly showed no reaction as the verdict was read out. the jury must decide if the
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former army psychologist should face the death penalty. >> coming up in one minute, you will not hear the tax man in germany complaining these days. >> and his news of the impending retirement of the head of microsoft. that in n n
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>> welcome back, everyone. the economic climate in europe might be rough, but the german tax man is doing just fine. >> 8.5 billion euros came in more than expected. german manufacturers are managing to sell their goods abroad, and the domestic market is also looking very rosy. >> spending money is good for the economy if you can afford it. that's not an issue for a lot of people in germany. they have jobs. they have money, and they are paying taxes, which adds up to more revenue for the state. exports is another important
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engine of germany's economy, and sales are up despite slowing growth in asia. >> german engineering drives exports, and manufacturers are quick to and -- quick to adapt. this growth in sales to china despite weaknesses there. and exports in north america are strong. >> all that good news means german business people are feeling more confident about the future. they are investing in machinery. another indicator of the strength of the economy -- the construction industry is also growing. >> microsoft boss steve ballmer has announced he will be stepping down as company ceo as soon as a replacement can be found. he took over the reins of the world's largest software company 13 years ago from it's founder bill gates. >> at the time, microsoft was the undisputed digital king of the digital world, but they've
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lost ground to google and apple, who were quick to embrace the mobile computing revolution. our markets correspondent has more on the pending retirement of steve homer. >> the people here on the frankfurt floor are glad that steve ballmer's time at microsoft has ended. they are glad to see him go, and in reaction to the news was almost euphoric. microsoft shares took off immediately. at the start of wall street trading, for example, it was between six percent and seven percent etter -- better. they see steve ballmer as being responsible for microsoft hostile lacking behind in smart phones and tablets, for example. competitors are making a lot of money with that. but also for the miserable start of windows 8. that was supposed to be a big moneymaker, start a new era in software, but instead, it was a flop. of course, the successor to steve ballmer has to do all this
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better. that remains to be seen. >> the surprise resignation of microsoft te of steve ballmer dominated this friday at the frankfurt stock exchange. the dax index of blue chips ended the week in positive territory. meanwhile, at last check, the dow jones average is up .15%. >> still ahead, a look back at mercedes' attempt to win formula one. >> first, we looked at some other stories making the news this hour. and portugal, over 700 firefighters are battling blazes in a remote hilly area in the north. the fires have so far claimed the life of one firefighter and injured nine others. that was in a township about 250 kilometers north of lisbon. >> in the indian city mumbai, police say a woman has been gang raped. a young photojournalist was
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shooting in an abandoned mill when she was attacked. there's been one arrest, and police say they are pursuing for other men. the attack has shocked residents of the city, which is thought to be india's safest for women. >> north and south korea have agreed to allow the first family reunions in the years.
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you guys just aren't rebellious enough. just a tick to obedient. even i'm more rebellious. that's not right. >> as the party's parliamentary leader, he is one of the parties most prominent a gears, but he is just one of eight lead candidates. he's campaigning on economic issues.
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military matters, especially in education. many of the candidates are not well-known. the elect is going with a large number of lead candidates to diffuse infighting. last year, and almost tore the party apart. >> there's a lot of hatred in our parliamentary group. for years, i find myself standing between two ideological locomotives set on a collision course. >> today, the party represents a united front except for one problem -- it has its roots in east germany's old communist party and gets host of its support from eastern german voters who support socialist policies. in the west, the party is seldom more than a blip on the political landscape. the party considers itself the
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protector of the average german. its platform calls for a 30-hour work week, a national minimum wage tom and higher taxes on the wealthy. social democrats also want a minimum wage and higher taxes. >> all right, formula one drivers have asked for guarantees that the tires they will be using at this weekend's belgian grand prix are safe. during friday's practice session, two drivers had tire failures. just a fraction of a second, the two drivers controlled the session, leaving the competition in their wake, but after puncturing his right rear tire, he can only make it back to the pits. and very good news now for all those who live for the thrill of hunting engines, hairpin turns, and hairball crashes. >> mercedes was the name to beat in formula one back in the
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middle of the 20th century. the company only reenter the competition having just been an engine supplier before that. now the company is seeking to claw its way back to the top. former champion lewis hamilton is the man charged with getting his team back in pole position. >> lewis hamilton, the winner of the last grand prix and the man sebastian calls his greatest rival -- he is on a mission to recapture the title busting days of the 1990's. mercedes have struggled since returning three years ago. >> the position we were in even last year is a long way from where we wanted to be. we have to try and stay where we are now. if we can maintain that level and fight for the title, then that is a best case scenario. >> but mercedes strong showing is creating new challenges, and some tough decisions need to be made. many teams are concentrating on developing cars for the 2014 season. the introduction of new engines means the cars will be
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completely different next year. but if the team wants to stay in the race for next year's championship, it cannot ignore 2013. >> we are putting more effort into next year's car than this years, but we've had time to prepare, and we can choose when and where to do the aerodynamic testing sessions. if the 2014 car pans out, then we can give more time to this years model. >> it is still anyone's guess if lewis hamilton will get a chance to walk in the footsteps of his predecessor this year. that depends on the results of the next two races. >> all right. when it comes to contemporary art, abandoned factories and old coal mines might not be the first to come to mind. >> but germany's former industrial center in the rural valley is playing host to a unique art history museum.
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>> it features installations, multimedia works, and installations from more than 50 international artists. >> here is a sneak peak. >> a six-week festival of contemporary art and avatar performance gets under way later today in rust belt cities in germany's industrial heartland along the rural river. opening the festival is the european premiere of an american composer, a ritual of dream and illusion. 65 bizarre instruments were created for the peace. the opera is based on folk tales but tries to tell a story without a traditional plot or singing. the festival director hopes his audience is as open-mindeds he >> i'm hpy aaput everything what i like to give my audience. i think we have a program that shows people things they haveenb
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>> like projects and installations that are open to the general public, including this water tower, from the>> wor william forsythe challenges viewers' view. nowhere and everywhere, distorts viewers movements like a slow- motion fun house mirror. it will be open to the public until october 6. >> that's how i feel at the end of a long week when i look in the mirror. all right, thanks for watching, everybody. >> we hope to see you soon. we will have an update at the top of the hour. goodbye for now. captioned by the national captioning institute
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